The Lina Show Home

We work with this designer client on an ongoing basis and she is always creating the most incredible spaces. She always sends her design presentation so we can get a sense of her concept. From her inspiration we could tell that she was incorporating lots of different textures and warm rich tones.  

Designer Inspiration: 

Created by Caprice Chisholm for Hopewell Residential


Things we were looking for when we were sourcing were: carved wood, warm tone pottery, vases, jugs, kitchen accessories, and wicker. We found so many incredibly unique pieces for this show home. 

Our Secondhand Finds:


Once we had confirmed with our designer which pieces she wanted, we packed them up for her! Once the show home was completed, she was so kind to invite us to see the final results. It was absolutely stunning! She did such a good job pulling it all together. 


Hopewell Showhome: The Lina 

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