Studio McGee Styled Shelves

The owners of GoHomeYEG reached out to us when they completed their most recent build. They had these gorgeous white oak shelves nested between two matte black pantry cabinets. These shelves were an extension of their kitchen across from their dining table. They wanted a mix of both kitchen related decor and other styling elements. They were looking for pieces that were unique and one-of-a-kind. They wanted neutral colours with pops of natural green.  


One of their main decor inspirations was Studio McGee. These were two of the inspiration pictures they sent us. 

Client Inspiration: 

Left, Right

When we were sourcing we were looking for matte black, light warm woods, and unique shapes and textures. This is just some of what we found.  

Our Secondhand Finds:

We created a presentation to show our clients what we had sourced for approval. We brought more than we needed so we could play around. This is how it turned out: