Living Room Shelf Styling

We worked with GoHomesYEG to decorate their living room shelves. These beautiful shelves flank their gorgeous black marble fireplace surround. They sent over lots of inspiration from Studio McGee and Leclair Design to guide our sourcing.  

Studio McGee and Leclair Design

These white oak shelves were beautiful to begin with but with our styling, it made the whole space come together. During our time sourcing, we were on the look out for neutrals with pops of green, a mix of modern and vintage pieces, creamy ceramics, and vases. 

Our Secondhand Finds: 

Studio Conscious Thrifted Haul

We sent over a visual presentation of the pieces we found for their shelves and the prints we had selected for the frames we sourced. Once everything was confirmed by our clients, we set up a date to install. It was amazing to see the shelves come to life with all of our secondhand finds.


Living Room Shelves Before


Living Room Shelves After

Styled Living Room Shelves