How To: Decorate like Amber Interiors


Do you know the West Coast eclectic style that mixes both vintage pieces with neutral texture, warm tones, and prints? This style is credited to the designer Amber Lewis, CEO of Amber Interiors and owner of All Sorts Of. This design style is highly sought after. Amber Interiors Shoppe sells many of the items they use to stage their properties but this look can also be achieved through second-hand objects. There are a few key elements that seem to be repeated in most Amber Interior Projects.

Rustic & Aged Elements

Amber Interiors uses worn objects to create texture and interest in their styled vignettes. These goods are incredibly easy to find second-hand as that may be the very reason that they ended up in a thrift store. Look for aged wood bowls, pots, urns, and vases.

Pottery & Ceramic

The re-emergence of artisan clay goods in mainstream decor is hugely influenced by the Amber Interiors style. Especially natural white, speckled, red clay, or neutral glazed pottery. We highly recommend finding local artists and potters to buy these pieces from but they are also something we find at the thrift store all the time. This can be incorporated through mugs on a kitchen shelf, a large clay vase on a sideboard, or even a small catchall dish on a nightstand.

Vintage Prints & Art

One of the ways that Amber Interiors pull in vintage elements is through art. It's very common to see vintage landscapes and prints. It takes time to scavenge through the art at a thrift store but we have been able to come across some great pieces. Look for wood or gold frames with vintage oil paintings, landscapes, or photographs.

Vases & Vessels

Urns, vases, and vessels are a major part of the Amber Interiors style. Often filled with branches or greenery as a centerpiece or decor on a coffee table. We find these at the thrift store but they are not always in the colors or textures we want. We have done the baking powder and paint trick, as well as used textured spray paint and mud to achieve an aged look. Check out our Instagram reel to see how we DIYed second-hand vases to get the Amber Interiors look.


Whether it's linen upholstery, cushion covers, or napkins, this is one texture that is repeated throughout all of Amber Interiors Designs. While some people have qualms about shopping for linens and textiles at the thrift store, we find great napkins, table cloths, drapes, pillowcases, etc. all the time. As long as they can be washed or cleaned, we have no issue picking these up.

Bead Strands & Chains

You will often find a bead strand styled in any shelf or coffee table vignette in an Amber Interiors Home. While we have not found bead strands at the thrift store, we have found beads and wood bead necklaces that can be repurposed as decor items for styling. We have also used craft clay to create them. Another version of this is a wood chain. Check out our reel to see how to make them.

Wicker & Rattan

Amber Interiors is notorious for playing with texture. They do this through the use of linens, wood grain, patterns, prints, woven textures. Wicker and rattan trays, boxes, and baskets are abundant at the thrift stores. They add such a nice texture to any space.